Willy Crash is an entertainment video game for the whole family. The superhero is game is the virtual Willy Crash. Every time the game starts, the large monitor shows how Willy Crash mounts a cannon in order to hit the target, which is in the middle of a row of many houses. Now comes the action of the player who presses a push rod down with a carefully considered force - with this Willy Crash is shot out of the cannon - differently depending on the force. The detailed representation of the scene and the trajectory of Willy Crash is just great. The player's success is shown in points and can be combined with a ticket issue.

New / used New
Indoor / outdoor Indoor
Weight 136 kg
Depth 122 cm
width 88 cm
Height 242 cm
Use Camping, Shopping mall, Amusement park, Gastronomy, Indoor playgrounds, Fairground / funfair, Zoo / animal park
Age 10 - 88