Ring Toss

SKU: RT1000

Throwing entertainment game for children from 5 years of age in which the hits are rewarded with tickets.

Ring Toss - The player throws rings that are supposed to get stuck on bottles. The further away the bottles are, the higher the score. A bottle can only be rated once per game. The rings (3 at a time) are automatically refilled. The evaluation is carried out via a camera from the ceiling, and a point display accompanies success. At the end of the game, the rings are automatically collected and rewarded with tickets.

This traditional fairground game delights young and old, we've waited a long time for such a typical game of skill - now it's finally here. Ring Toss, the new trend.

New / used New
Indoor / outdoor Indoor
Depth 250 cm
Height 250 cm
width 100 cm
Use Fairground / funfair,
Age 5 - 88