Pumpkin Party

SKU: PP2000

Pumpkin Party is a very popular ball throwing skill game.

Pumkin Party is a throwing game with several levels and works with ticket issuance on request.

The targets are tiltable ghost figures that you like to give one on the 12. In the first two levels the characters have to be hit within a time window, but in the third level the ghosts keep straightening up. In addition to the accuracy, the number of hits within the time window is also required. So there is always a lot to do at the Pumkin Party ...



New / used New
Indoor / outdoor Indoor
Weight 300 kg
Depth 245 cm
Height 230 cm
width 100 cm
Use Camping, Shopping mall, Amusement park, Gastronomy, Indoor playgrounds, Fairground / funfair, Zoo / animal park
Age 5 - 88