Kids Basketball

SKU: KB1000

Basketball game for children from approx. 5 - 12, suitable for outdoor use.

Kids basketball is an appealing basketball game for children between the ages of around 5 and 12. After inserting a coin, the game starts in the simplest form with a standing basket. If the player achieves a minimum number of hits (baskets), he reaches the next more difficult mode with the basket moving occasionally. In the third mode the basket moves slowly and permanently, in the fourth and last mode it moves faster and permanently. The digital display provides continuous information about the score. Kids basketball also allows two players to alternate between playing. On request, Kids Basketball can also issue tickets.

New / used New
Indoor / outdoor Suitable for outdoor use
Weight 180 kg
Depth 160 cm
Height 210 cm
width 80 cm
Use Camping, Amusement park, Gastronomy, Indoor playgrounds, Zoo / animal park
Age 5 - 12