Bowling Champ Smart 2-player

SKU: BC2100

Bowling Champ Smart is a bowling / throwing game for up to 2 players at the same time.

With ticket issue on request.

Bowling Champ Smart is a bowling game for children aged around 5 to 12 with a reduced footprint and large monitors.

The children throw a ball onto the track, which is optically continued on the monitor at the end of the track. The success of the throw is shown with the pins falling over, the total result of the throws is calculated as is typical of bowling and also displayed on the monitor. The game is suitable for children and takes up little space.

New / used New
Indoor / outdoor Indoor
Depth 235 cm
Height 169 cm
width 169 cm
Use Camping, Gastronomy, Indoor playgrounds, Zoo / animal park
Age 5 - 12