The Wizard of Oz 3-Player

SKU: WO1001

 The Wizard of Oz is one of the latest versions of the Pushers with many new game elements.

In the Wizard of Oz money will be changed to player points. The total point count goes down when the player brings Coinshooter coins on the playing field. The Coinshooter is controlled with a joystick. The action in the gameplay will increase by adding the award of bonus points and gaining chips. Sheared coins are sorted out and taken away and added as a bonus.

The Wizard of Oz is also a 6-player (WO1000)

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New / used New
Indoor / outdoor Indoor
Weight 472 kg
Depth 135 cm inkl. Bedienungsfeld
Height 230,4 cm
width 196 cm
Use Fairground / funfair,
Age 10 - 88