Flintstone 1-Player

SKU: FS2100

Flintstone - The newest Pusher by ELAUT

The Flintstones Pusher works with a closed system. The push coins are added to the machine in order to generate the feed for playout. Won (deported) point values are winnings that are paid out in tickets. The deported point values are sent back to the beginning of the playing field via an internal elevator and a slide. This is a simple game process, which relieves the operator and brings the player undisturbed game fun without end.

  • Flintstone 1-Player, FS2100
  • Flintstone 2-Player, FS2200
  • Flintstone 6-Player, FS2000

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New / used New
Indoor / outdoor Indoor
Weight 220 kg
Depth 106,3 cm inkl. Bedienfeld
Height 238,3 cm
width 90 cm
Use Fairground / funfair,
Age 10 - 88