Cosmic XLs Container € 69.000

SKU: US-Cont-Cosmic Xls

The E-Claw Cosmic XLs container that is getting cheaper and cheaper.

A new idea from GACK. We don't wait, we act - and you can see it. The price of the container offered here is automatically reduced by 500 euros every 14 days. Merciless. Until someone strikes or we end the action. Renegotiating is then of course no longer possible. The current price applies (all prices quoted are net prices ex warehouse Gildehaus). While you are thinking about whether to buy in 2 or 4 weeks, someone else may have the same train of thought - just 2 weeks earlier. So wait a minute. We do that too.

On offer: 3-player E-Claw Cosmic XLs container with money changing machine, built-in hydraulics with cable remote control and large, hydraulically opening front including RGB LED wall washers. A suitable chassis up to 3.49t. The 3-player E-Claw Cosmic XLs container was previously only used for demonstration purposes. New price: 89,000 euros net. Now (January 30, 2021): 79,000 euros net and from now on every 14 days 500 euros less.

We will occasionally post the current daily price here on our website. If you would like to find out the current daily price - 05924 / 789-70 or

If you wait too long, you lose.

New / used Used
Indoor / outdoor Suitable for outdoor use
Depth 500 cm
Age 250 cm
Use Amusement park, Fairground / funfair,
Age 8 - 88