SELA 500

SKU: F315

Mittleres Fahrzeug für 1 bis 2 kleinere oder größere Kinder von 5-12 Jahren mit großer, optionaler Sicherheitsausstattung.

This battery-powered vehicle in the F-class for 5-12 year old children, can even carry an adult.

The 24V engine is very powerful, the steering is very precise. The SELA 500 ​​has direct drive to the rear axle and air-filled tires. The top speed of 500 SELA is 14 km / h, the turning circle is 4.35 meters.

Of course, this class has a control unit that speed, volume and duration can be set. There are also switches for automatic stop and continuous operation without coin.

New / used New
Indoor / outdoor Suitable for outdoor use
Weight 86 kg + Batt.
Depth 171 cm
Height 72 cm
width 95 cm
speed 0-14 km/h
Turning radius 450 cm
Motor 24V/ 400W
Use Camping, Gastronomy, Indoor playgrounds, Zoo / animal park
Age 5 - 12