Chocolate Wheel

SKU: WOC1000

The Wheel of Chocolate (wheel incl. Software + 2x Winner Display) is available

Play points are optionally available in units of 8, 10 or 12, WOC1100 / WOC1200 / WOC1400 per point.

The Chocolate Wheel consists of several components. You can put together your Chocolate Wheel with a basic package and with two to four desks (table units) of 8, 10 or 12 play areas each. The desks are each 2 meters wide.

The basic package contains the wheel (diameter approx. 180cm) with electric motor and motor control including software and accounting (coin-in, prize-out) as well as 2 digital display boards that are synchronously connected to the Chocolate Wheel. Numbers that change continuously during the game as well as the winning number at the end of the game are displayed in sync with the course of the game. The scoreboards support the game. Each gaming site has its own display on which the winning numbers and the credits generated are shown. During the game, the numbers currently touched are displayed by a color LED. When the winning number is reached, the winning number is displayed by a flashing LED, an automatic voice output announces a win.

Depending on your wishes, the Chocolate Wheel can generate credits with coins inserted by the players or with buttons on the back by the staff.

The Chocolate Wheel is covered with a neutral standard brand at the factory.

Please contact us - there are many different design options.

New / used New
Indoor / outdoor Indoor
Use Fairground / funfair,
Age 10 - 88