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über gack - panorama.gif"To the yard state long history of nascent monarchs belonged always also a Schelm, which broke through the rigid rules of the royal life. On the fairs of the past always also a fool was to be found, who the sad everyday life of humans with his fun bewitched. Each circus so well or badly it also its liking pulls with a clown in the repertoire over the country, who reaches the hearts of the public with its fun.

Whether Schelm, fool or clown - the logo of our enterprise Gack Spiel-und of leisure devices GmbH is completely consciously selected, because the joy in the multicolored world of the exhibitors is appropriate for the family Gigengack in the blood. Since generations - in such a way it points the family chronicle out is we in this industry at home.

 Experience and authority are the basis of our enterprise, which was created more than 40 years ago in the Netherlands. Since 1992 we are represented with an address also in Germany. From here we care for our constantly growing customer master, to which naturally the exhibitor trade, in addition, recreational parks and the broad pallet of the entertainment industry below."

 Frans Gigengack

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Experience, expertise and reliability, these are the qualities of our service teams. Whether it's fully stocked spare parts, or close contact with the major manufacturers: Problems we solve without problems on your satisfaction. Finally, the devices provide a good revenue for you!

The shipping company will spare you, wherever you are.

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